Saturday, April 3, 2010

Follow Me!

I checked my Twitter page today (after who knows how long)...and found that I have "followers"! Who knew? When I first opened my page, I had no followers. Today, I have 11 followers! I'm excited. A close friend suggested that I encourage folks to "follow" me and now is my chance. Follow me and discover new, interesting and fun facts EVERYDAY. I want followers....I want them now! I've made it my goal to have, at the very least,....20,000 followers to join my life quest as a world renown TWITTER.


  1. sorry for posting this here, didnt know how to do it on the write page. I saw your question about spice classics on a different web page. I had been wondering the same thing and was just looking up the info today. Its actually made by McCormick :). I found a link showing a law suit against them and it specifically said that they also manufacture under this name. Hope that helps :)


  2. No problem Dawna...thanks for getting back...I was wondering about McCormick! Looks like Spice Classic is a "low budget" brand for low-income folks...turns out, that's the brand which is used in the CDC (california department of corrections)..LOL - The parent company is in China I believe.

    Thanks for your comment. Don't worry about where you wrote it, I just psyched I have a comment :)