Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Employment Agencies

I received a call today about a position with a reputable company...the call came came from a company that wasn't the same name as the company that has the position available. Seems like these days, employment agencies don't have "traditional names" they call themselves the "blah, blah, group" or the "so-in-so support services". Misleading at first, but when you take time to consider exactly what the name of the company is saying, they aren't being deceitful at all. In fact, they are saying exactly what they are. They are a group of individuals who are, in effect, servicing a client who needs just what they have! Back in the day, Apple One, Talent Tree, Volt, United, Kelly, could have been anything! Who knew they were employment agencies? Today, a company says, "this is what we do, what we provide, whatchaneed!!!!! I like it! Hope I get the job!

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