Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Earth?

I've been watching CNN this morning and among the Sen. "Bunning Comments on Controversy" on Capital Hill where he refuses to support the jobs bill in that the bill would give a 30% FICA tax cut credits to employers who hire new staff (among other credits). There is also a story about some racial tension at San Diego State University where a noose was found in the student library and a organizing of a frat party in which the students are required to wear "ghetto attire"...(LOL don't go there!).....

...in the middle of all this a commercial comes on telling us that basically it's our fault that the earth is covered in plastic bottles because we haven't purchased a Brita water filtration system! My argument (though limited in knowledge about the whole issue), is this, why is it that the consumer is being targeted in this campaign to keep the earth clean? Shouldn't most of this blame be directed toward the manufacturers? We buy because they sell. I feel like Brita is making a sales pitch to make us feel responsible for destroying the earth and their solution is for us to buy their product (which is quite expensive to purchase the unit and, when used properly, replacing filters and such).

I buy water, yes, but I must say, the last bottle of water I bought had to have been at least two years ago. I'm not ashamed to admit, I've used the same water bottle that whole time! (of course I clean it frequently...LOL) . Other plastics I purchase and dispose of in the recycle bin that is provided by my apartment owner. However, I often see "dumpster divers" raiding the receptacles for profit! Is that the fault of the consumer? What if the "divers" decide they are no longer ambitious enough to follow through with their initial plan, and abandon their quest, leaving the recyclable materials on the side of the road or whatever?

IMHO, the advertisements on television, radio and magazines that target a "green planet", are simply using just another angel to sell their product. I don't think they care any more about the planet than anyone else who is trying to make a sell. Why don't they stop hounding the average consumer and target the manufacturers with commercials and rants about how they should stop using these harmful products and selling them to the consumer!

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