Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Critical Eye?

Hi followers! My sincere apologies for not blogging for a few days, but I only want to share positive and encouraging stories with you. If I am feeling sad, depressed or low, I will not burden you with my negative and pessimistic stores. My goal is to inspire and lift your mind to creation and optimism. :)

Early this morning, I heard a message from an evangelist. I am a spiritual woman, definitely NOT religious and the message caught my ear during a channel search. As he spoke, I realized that I have, (inadvertently, of course) trained myself to be critical of many things in my life. After the evengelist diagnosed my problem, he offered a solution: train myself to see good things, just as I had "trained" myself to see bad. My goal over the next few weeks will be to list and acknowledge good things in every aspect of my life...focusing on myself and what's associated with me. Taking my focus OFF of others...which isn't my business or concern. Raheem agrees with my idea and I hope he helps with this. This project can help us both; he in his situation and me in mine.

Good night and thank you for reading and your ideas, comments & suggestions are welcome.

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