Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Physical Therapy (to start) and other things...

Today I started with a new physical therapist. She really worked on my shoulder from the surgery I had in July 2009. Oddly enough, I have a lot more pain since the visit....is that the way its supposed to be? I have another appointment tomorrow (which I think I am dreading). Of course, this is much needed therapy, as I am looking forward to having full use of my shoulder with total mobility and strength.

I didn't get to read up completely on the Hubpages, but I will do more reading and studying tonight before bed. I am still waiting for any suggestions or comments from any of you. I haven't written an article yet, but I have some ideas. Like my aunt Marie, who served in the US Army for more than 27 years. She retired a full colonel and I am quite proud of her. She met with Pres. L. Johnson who awarded her with a medal at the same time singing a bill allowing african-american women the honor of becoming officers in the military. She has much to share and many stories.

We should all take a lesson and listen to our senior relatives who share stories of the past, of when things were not as they are today with the freedoms we are awarded due to the struggles of earlier years.

God bless our grands and great-grands!

Good night and thank you.

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