Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Rest (or Peace) for the Weary

I've been living in this studio apartment for about 2 1/2 years and I've moved from one apartment downstairs because of the noise my upstairs neighbor and her 4 children continuously made (too many folks up there if you ask me). My landlord offered me another apartment upstairs which had a much less attractive view...but supposedly was quiet. Unfortunately, this was a huge mistake. Not only does the view completely suck, the downstairs neighbor is even more loud, she doesn't speak English, so when I go down to tell her that she is disturbing me, she brings her 6 year old out to translate!....huh boy...!

Now I know you are probably wondering, "why the hell are you discussing these issues with a child?", and my answer to you is this: the manager of the building refuses to lend help by telling the downstairs neighbor for me (despite my numerous complaints), and the owner suggested that I go down and handle the matter myself. I want to move for several reasons, but the main reason is that I don't want to have so much drama at the place I call home. My ultimate goal, of course, is to one day (some day) move into a house of my own. Even a step up to the next level (an apartment with a

I've been over this again and again with many of my friends and family and they all say the same thing....."gurl, you should move"....easier said than done! Remember, I just had surgery and I'm not working so my income is fixed and quite unstable as it relates to future income.

I was speaking to my friend today sharing with him my views on the matter and we've tried to understand "THE PLAN", (God's or the Universe...depending on your beliefs), by reviewing key incidents in my life over the past few years, but to no avail. Oh, we've come to the conclusion that a pattern or system is apparent, but who has a clue what the Universe has planned for me? Just a hint from anyone who has figured out the system or pattern and a way to decipher mine so that I can become more aligned with it's energy!!!

Is there anyone out there? I'm still out here waiting for your suggestions and comments.

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